Flamekeeping at Pirates and Faeries

Every year on Labour Day weekend I’m at an event called Pirates and Faeries. I first went three years ago, and it’s where I met my now-fiancĂ©. The event is basically a private party where people dress up as pirates, faeries, and various other romanticized fantasy creatures, and run around having a generally good and mostly pagan time.

This year my Cill shift happened to fall on the Saturday night of the event, so I kept the flame as best I could while in that environment. (And for once, Brighid didn’t slip me a spiritual sleeping pill, which is nice, because I stay up all night at PnF.)

We weren’t allowed candles in the cabin, and I don’t really have the skills to build up the sacred fire myself. So I found a makeshift way of marking the start of my shift: I broke an orange glowstick and said my start-of-shift chant. I then wore the glowstick around my wrist until sunset the next evening.

A glowstick I used for my flamekeeping shift for Brighid.
Behold, my glowstick-flamekeeping wrist device! I guess this goes under “technopagan”

Brighid didn’t seem to mind at all. (I did manage to get some editing of my book done during my shift, so I’m sure that helped.)