30 Days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, Brighid #5, Fibre Arts

A set of double-pointed needles holds a green and blue knitting project, likely a sock.

Hail to Thee, fibrous one
woven of faith and love
your many parts and faces
knitted from the cosmos

Teach me to knit
your mantle
to cover bare shoulders
aching for warmth

Show me the mysteries
of crochet
let me yarn bomb
in dark places

Guide my hand
as I detangle myself
so I may help you
stitch back together
the universe

Hail to Thee
Happy Hooker, Needle Freak
Queen of Yarn Addicts

May the sheep you keep
provide us the wool we need
to do your work
in the world

May we knit hats for the homeless
love for the lonely
May we crochet our communities
May we weave stories
out of starlight
May your light
tapestry the walls
of our lives

Hail, Woolly One,

teach to us the secrets
of the spindle

let us spin new worlds
out of old
let the threads we create
bind us in love
and conviction
let our work be an explosion
of joy and color
a balm for the soul

let us relearn the secrets
of “women’s work”

work that builds community
work that knits us whole

teach us these secrets
that we may build
something new
and throw your mantle over it
to keep it warm
and alive

Hail Brighid
Knitter of the Cosmos
Crocheter of Justice
Spinner of Love
Weaver of Life

Hail to You
may our stash
always be full
in your name
for your work
this we pray.

30 Days of Hymns: the Sacred Triad

30 Days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, Brighid #3: protection

Hail to Brighid,
Iron Queen of the Forge
Lady of the Green Isle
Protector of your people
let me be clothed in your mantle
let gentle green waves rest upon my shoulders
no arrow shall pierce me
no sword shall cut me down
no cruel words shall break me
I remain protected by thy crown
let your mantle cover me, O Brighid
keep my heart whole
let it hide me from darkness
and from harsh search lights
cloak me in invisibility
let me walk sight unseen
among those who would harm me
let it keep me hale
let it warm me from head to tail
and while I am so protected, Iron Lady of Spark and Flame
Queen of Hammer and Anvil
teach me to craft mantle and mail of my own
that I may lay it upon my own charges
let no arrow pierce them
nor sword cut them down
let no snake bite them
nor no darkness slither inside and defeat them
let their hearts remain whole
their spirits hale
teach me the secrets of your craft, Lady of the Green Mantle
teach me to hammer love into armor
teach me how to guard those that need it the most
Hail to you, Brighid
Iron Lady of the Iron Forge
Outfitter to Warriors
and those
just fighting
to survive.

30 Days of Hymns: The Sacred Triad