30 Days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, Brighid #3: protection

Hail to Brighid,
Iron Queen of the Forge
Lady of the Green Isle
Protector of your people
let me be clothed in your mantle
let gentle green waves rest upon my shoulders
no arrow shall pierce me
no sword shall cut me down
no cruel words shall break me
I remain protected by thy crown
let your mantle cover me, O Brighid
keep my heart whole
let it hide me from darkness
and from harsh search lights
cloak me in invisibility
let me walk sight unseen
among those who would harm me
let it keep me hale
let it warm me from head to tail
and while I am so protected, Iron Lady of Spark and Flame
Queen of Hammer and Anvil
teach me to craft mantle and mail of my own
that I may lay it upon my own charges
let no arrow pierce them
nor sword cut them down
let no snake bite them
nor no darkness slither inside and defeat them
let their hearts remain whole
their spirits hale
teach me the secrets of your craft, Lady of the Green Mantle
teach me to hammer love into armor
teach me how to guard those that need it the most
Hail to you, Brighid
Iron Lady of the Iron Forge
Outfitter to Warriors
and those
just fighting
to survive.

30 Days of Hymns: The Sacred Triad

30 Days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, Brighid #2: Queer Lady Love

Hail Brighid
Priestess to Yourself
Sainted in Mortal Death
Abbess & nun
woman & goddess
lover & loved
Hail to you and your anam cara
Holy Darlughdach
so joined in love
she followed you
into the afterlife
after a year in your absence
Hail Darlughdach
lover to Brighid
voice of the divine hidden in mundane life
bringer of messages to your love
keeper of the flame
both in the abbey
and your love’s heart
Hail, Brighid and Darlughdach
may your love light the way
may we allow ourselves
to live in love as you once did
may we find, in our short mortal lives
soul friends
anam cara
a love that goes beyond the physical
and through that love, may we find
some small piece of immortality
hearts aflame,
hail to the loves, Brighid and Darlughdach
guardians to those who love
all odds

30 Days of Hymns: The Sacred Triad


30 days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, Brighid #1: Birth

Hail Brighid
Exalted One
Fiery Arrow
foster-mother of Gaeldom
teach to me your secrets
the secrets of birthing
let me know and revel in the pain
and the glory
let me hold within myself
your light, words dancing
upon the page
IMBAS deep within
let me hold your light
until it is ready to burst forth
let me cultivate
in my deepest soul; let it be compost
for what the world needs most
let me set alight
what is within
sending sparks out
at breakneck speed
through my flesh, burning me
but surrounding me in light:
a galaxy of my children
orbiting my being
let me know the truth of birthing
whether it be
of my body
or my mind
let me know the magic
of bringing
a new thing
into a desperate, wanting world
foster-mother of Gaeldom,
Fiery Arrow
Exalted One
Hail to you, Brighid
Keeper of the secrets of birth.

30 Hymns in 30 Days: The Sacred Triad.