So You Wanna Be A Priest

Sage and Starshine

Here’s the thing:

I’ve felt for some time that Brighid’s been calling me to priest/esshood. It’s been an inkling at the back of my mind for many, many years and only grew when I helped found Clann Bhride. Earlier this summer after the Orlando Pulse massacre, the necessity and enormity of priest/esshood felt like it could suffocate me. How could I respond most authentically in the face of tragedy and injustice? Submit, seemed to be the answer, submit to your Lady, submit to your community.

I’ve had two tarot readings in the past month – one done by myself, and one from my fiancé – oh by the way blog I have a fiancé and I also moved to New York City and a million other things I have to catch y’all up on – and both of these readings seemed to be whacking me upside the head…

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POEM: Forty-nine graves

The Antinoan Anchorite

If you want to know whether guns kill people
or whether people kill people
if you want to know whether words break bones
or if only sticks and stones can do that
if you want to know what happens
when a word like “faggot” puts bullets
like stones in a gun like a stick
and a word like “dyke” makes the gun erupt
like a super-volcano with five thousand years
of hatred, disgust, condemnation
if you want to know whether homophobia kills
whether fear of The Other really has power
there are forty-nine graves in Orlando,
Florida that weren’t there a week ago
that will answer your questions
with their silence.

(With thanks to Richard on Tumblr.)

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Prayer for Orlando

Sage and Starshine

(Or, the litany of a sad queer Brigidine Pagan)

Shine light into the darkness to cast away our fears and blame.
Set aflame our hearts that we not succumb to inaction and apathy in the face of tragedy.
Warm our souls when we are weary from the crushing weight of living in this world.
Dry our tears when we cry out for salvation and deliverance from hatred.

Lady Brighid, I pray for the LGBTQ community of Orlando.
I pray for our queer siblings across the world.
I pray for the Latinx community whose celebrations were interrupted by gunfire.
I pray for our Muslim brethren who will be unjustly blamed for the actions of one man.
I pray that the Muslim children in my neighborhood are strong in the face of the hatred they will receive.
I pray for our queer Muslim neighbors who are torn between vicious, unjust rhetoric.

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