30 Days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, Brighid #6, Bees

there is
in the hive


working steadily
to our common


we dance out
our union with
the pulsing heart
of life


the hexagon is
the strongest shape
and within it we
coax our little ones
to grow hale
and hearty


heady winds bring
pollen aloft and we
alight to heavenly
on a journey to
feed the hive


in mother mouths
we masticate gently
let jelly pour forth
the hive
will grow


in spring the
new queen
takes wing
orders swarm
we buzz frightfully
but be not afraid;
we are sleepy,
and docile


soon we find
our new hive
and build it from
ground up, each
intricate dance of
our feet
a walking prayer:

goddess keep us
goddess feed us
goddess bless us
goddess be us
be us
be us

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