Brig Ambue and the Refugee Crisis (Content Warning: Violence, Terrorism, Racism, Eugenics)

The Remote Controlled Hearth

As a woman in a fairly middle-class living situation (owing completely to the generosity of a partner who’s willing to have my back when shit goes sideways), benefiting from the privilege of “Do they even make makeup light enough for this skin tone?”, I’m fully aware that I may not be the right one to beat this drum, and I hope I’m not speaking over someone who’s more qualified to speak to it. But this has been a knot in my gut for weeks, and I have to say something.

The refugee crisis in Europe has reached staggering levels, and the US has only committed to take in ten thousand people. Human rights groups estimate that we should be taking on six times that to pull our fair share of the weight, and yet people at home are screaming that we can’t possibly handle an influx of refugees when we can’t…

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2 thoughts on “Brig Ambue and the Refugee Crisis (Content Warning: Violence, Terrorism, Racism, Eugenics)

  1. Thanks for the reblog. You know, the ones that grab hold of you and write themselves and don’t turn you loose until it’s 2AM and they’re done and you’re ready to collapse are always a kick in the gut.


    1. *nods*

      I know very well.

      I thought your post was great. Coherent while touching on many different points, and a clear connection made between the crisis and Brig Ambue. And I am in complete agreement.

      (The refugee crisis has become an election issue up here. The Conservatives have stopped just short of saying “Let’s keep Canada white”, whereas the Official Opposition has promised to help in some way. We could likely take in a boatload of people just when it comes the sheer amount of land in our country — infrastructure is another thing, but if the NDP gets in that will likely get upgrades and fixings anyway while they try to repair the damage of several years of the Harperium.)

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