Prayer from a poem

I wrote a poem tonight, and ended up writing a prayer within it.

Brighid I call you
Brighid I beg you
Wake up what’s lost
Find what’s asleep
Let the fire rage deep.

Tomorrow is Autumn Equinox, and Group Flamekeeping. I realized tonight that I missed my flamekeeping shift on the 20th, but I don’t think it missed me. I went to bed at 3pm after being up for over 20 hours, working on a publishing order that had to go out. I woke up after six hours to find that a friend who I’d not heard from in over a month was in chat again! I got to talk to hir for a while, and after sie went off to bed, I felt exceptionally tired again, and slept at 2am, until 1pm.

So even though my human brain severely dropped the ball, Brighid didn’t drop me. And apparently now She’s making up for lost time by putting poetry and prayers in my head.

Off to light my flamekeeping candle.


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