Spiritual Sleeping Pill

My lastest shift for Brighid was on the 3rd. Lit my candle at 4pm, when the sun went down. By 7 I was dead tired — couldn’t stop yawning, could barely keep my eyes open. Eventually bowed to the inevitable and went to sleep.

2013, so far, has been a rough year for me. When things are especially tough She tends to slip me a sleeping pill on my shift nights. There have been shift nights where I’ve conked out without even remembering to light a candle, say my prayer, acknowledge shift start time at all. I sleep several hours and then wake up feeling refreshed and wondering what the hell just happened.

It’s almost like a divine alien abduction.

I used to feel guilty when this happened, but eventually I came to accept it. She’s a goddess of, among many other things, healing. Her followers have to take care of themselves, too, and if we won’t, She will make sure we do. I’ve realized, over the past 3 years, that yes, She wants me to do Her work, and it is hard work — but She also wants me as whole as can be, and will not let me work myself to death.

So on shift nights when I start yawning very early, I go to bed as soon as I’m able and enjoy the rest She brings me. It’s few and far between that I have a good night’s sleep, after all.


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